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We are alive thanks to Polish heroes

We are alive thanks to Polish heroes, and the whole world should hear about them."

These are the words of Leon de Picciotto from Geneva, who as a 4-year-old girl, thanks to a passport for lifeParaguayan passport issued by consul Rokicki, was able to leave Nazi Germany. Diplomats belonging to the Bern Group under the leadership of Aleksander Ładoś, acting in the Polish legation in Bern, in cooperation with activists of Jewish organizations, saved Jews in occupied Europe by issuing Latin American passports to them. These passports protected the holders against deportation to German extermination camps. Their owners were sent to internment camps, where some of them stayed until the end of the war. It was a gigantic rescue operation. Under extreme conditions and risking their lives, Polish diplomats and their Jewish collaborators fabricated Latin American passports for at least 8,000 people. What was the activity of Aleksander Ładoś and his associates, aimed at saving Jews in occupied Poland? We devoted this performance to the project "Passports of Life", the premiere of which will take place on December 2 at 20:00 at the Theater of the Royal Institute in London. The event will take the form of an artistic historical reconstruction, introducing the activity of the Ładoś Group. We will have more information on this for you soon! The sponsor of the "Passports of Life" performance is PKN ORLEN The project in London was financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, in cooperation with Theater of Juliusz Osterwa in Lublin, and the partner is the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Media patronage TVP Kultura.


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