Jesteś tutaj: Informacje24 Tam byliśmy - Relacje 6 Jeff Garner’s new Prophetik collection “Down the Rabbit Hole” presented by Thomas Goode & Co on opening night of LFW, September 17th, 2020!

Jeff Garner’s new Prophetik collection “Down the Rabbit Hole” presented by Thomas Goode & Co on opening night of LFW, September 17th, 2020!

Jeff Garner’s latest sustainable PROPHETIK fashion collection “Down the Rabbit Hole” was a wonderful fantasy catwalk showcased on the opening night of London Fashion Week , September 17th,  2020 at the prestigious emporium of Thomas Goode & Co.

 The mission for this american designer is to enlighten consumers to the harmful effects of synthetic fabrics & dyes in everyday garments. He provides a beautiful solution with a purposed vision of awareness, designing with plant based textiles & dyes.

Garner-London070SMThe event was held at the global institution Thomas Goode & Co which is  known for showcasing the world’s most highly regarded heritage brands. Goode’s iconic 18,000 square foot South Audley Street,  London house played host to PROPHETIK for an intimate gathering in and amongst a selection of the world’s finest names including Herend and Meissen for porcelain; and introducing collaboration with Mr. Garner on a dinnerware collection. Johnny Sandelson is the new owner and Chairman of iconic Mayfair store Thomas Goode & Co. This alliance has created a wonderful event that both celebrates Jeff Garner’s stunning sustainable fashion collection and Thomas Goode ‘British luxury’.

This season’s “Down the Rabbit Hole” catwalk defined a fantasy world in an unknown abyss seeking to discover yet venturing with no path. In the perfect setting, the atmosphere for the Jeff Garner fashion showcase was warm , romantic and hypnotic with two gifted live musical performers adding to the ambience. Having been to Mr Garner’s catwalks collections before, this one has to be my favorite. This talented fashion designer has created thought provoking silhouettes with Victorian influenced mismatched natural fabrics of hemp, linen, silk, from Indonesia, Scotland, and the Americas.

A rich palette of colours include plant dyed sun kissed golds, deep indigos, and moody smoke tones give layers to this English Bohemian couture art collection creating a visual plethora for a mad hatter dinner party. Bespoke hats were designed by Malibu friend Teressa Foglia.

Jeff Garner is a romantic visual artist, pioneer, and unconventional southern gentleman designer and his sustainable label PROPHETIK is on a path of transformation, leading the evolution of fashion and changing our perception of luxury.

PROPHETIK began 18 years ago in Tennessee and can be seen on major catwalks and red carpet events. Jeff Garner has designed many red carpet looks for celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Miley Cirus amongs’t others. He was named one of 40 top artists in the US and his works are in the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery and TN State Museum. Garner most recently won an Emmy for his documentary on Sustainable Fashion called Remastered by design sensory.

This season Mr. Garner has launched his new sustainable non-toxic hemp boxer & intimates collection Wolf X Rose. Already worn by leading Hollywood men Edward Norton, Gerald Butler, and Sting to name a few. “Re-imagining the way you care for your most intimate self”

Written by Kim Grahame

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