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Misa Harada - ‘Portait M’ SS21

Misa Harada launches ‘Portait M’. SS21 sees Misa Harada rebel from her tight restraints of traditional occasional headwear, and make way for a firercely unapologetic collection with cageless creativity.

 Join Misa Harada for a millinery game of hide & seek as she unveils her fashion film for a digital presentation. misa06 photos v2 x4A collection inspired by Audrey Hepburn, The Nutcracker and 19th century portraits of women. There is a strong feminine chord that plays loudly throughout the collection which is refiected In each hat’s name. The collection encompasses quirky structures that channel the elegance of couture craftsmanship. There is an unexpected harmony of opulent fabrics such as voiles, veil and feathers on naturals such as raas, jute and linens. Delicate tulle in blush makes up a hat for the modern-day Princess Leila and straw hats are adorned in citrus orange silks for stylish shade. Although this is a new direction for Misa Harada, her signature styles remain the backbone of the collection with classics such as asymmetric caps, buckets & bowlers with Misa’s rebellious twist that transcends from soul to sartorial stance. BRAND PROFILE Launched in 1998 after designing and creating for British royal family, Misa Harada label is renowned for its hybrid of functionality and ornate elegance combining her method of traditional couture technique. With a love of sculpture, mixed-medium art and textiles, Misa has designed bespoke headpieces for celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, The Rolling Stones and British royalty. Today, Misa Harada's collections are sold in over 120 retail outlets across fifteen countries.

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