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Saiid Kobeisy unveils the Couture Fall-Winter 23/24 collection

KonSaiid Kobeisy pushes the boundaries of technology and fashion with his latest Couture Fall-Winter 23-24 collection.


Showcasing an exceptional fusion of thevirtual and physical worlds, Kobeisy introduces a captivating line that epitomizes Saiid Kobeisyinnovation within the fashion space.In this groundbreaking collection, Kobeisy takes Couture to new heights byharnessing the power of emerging technologies. By seamlessly blending thevirtual and physical realms, he creates an immersive experience that enhances the discovery of his exquisite creations.

The Couture Fall-Winter 23-24 on unveils 25 graceful and awe-inspiringlooks, featuring a stunning statement bridal gown that pays homage to the codes of Haute Couture. Each piece has been meticulously crafted by the skilled atelier,embodying a unique story that exudes grace, refinement, and unapologetic self-expression.


Kobeisy's thoughPul selection of fabrics further accentuates the collection's lookand feel. From the dramatic moments created by draped taffeta to the captivating wavy lines of hand-draped Silk Gazar, the intricately embroidered and fully beadeddresses exemplify the designer's attention to detail.

The collection showcases a harmonious interplay of voluminous and soft structures, with silky dresses and precisely tailored pieces that exude confidence.


From powerful jumpsuits to mermaid dresses and exquisite gowns, the CoutureFall-Winter 23/24 collection offers a diverse range of statement pieces.


Each look from the collection has been handcrafted over countles shours by theatelier and is filled with a uniqueness that lives as adistinctive story. Each piece is handcrafed to serve grace and refinement,embodying confidence,and fearlessnessforthe Saiid Kobeisy woman, allowing her to unapologetically expressherself.

“The Saiid Kobeisy woman is empowered; she’s someone of her own making and with this collection, we celebrate, through artistry and beyond trend, a freedom inher poise and movement

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